Coffee (a short story)

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

She took her to the kitchen and said: Dear, give me those three pots she points toward that pots which were put on the shelf.

The Coffee Shop

Hridya brought that pots and gave them to her mother. She filled three pots with some water and placed them on a high flame at the cook top. Very soon the water came to a boil; she placed three items in each of these pots. In first pot, she placed carrots, in second pot she placed some eggs and in the third pot she placed some coffee beans. Hridya replied, you placed three pots on high fire then placed carrots, eggs and coffee beans into each of them.

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But why mamma? I am not getting, what do you want to do? Hridya replied, carrots became soft. She eagerly asked to her mother; mamma what happened to you? Then she explained to her daughter that all these objects faced the same trouble boiling on high flame but each of them reacted differently.

Bright Light Cafe - Short Story - The Coffee Shop

But it became soft and changed its stronger body into weak body. I am a coffee bean which dissolves itself in to boiled water and releases its fragrance and flavor. Her mother said, yes my dear! Connect with. His hands, covered by chic, black leather gloves, rub against each other for warmth before being placed in his equally fashionable gray pea coat. His dark-rimmed glasses make him seem just a bit more sophisticated than he really is. He walks up to the barista and orders his coffee of choice.

His eyes scan around the seemingly empty coffee shop, feeling as if someone is watching him. His gaze falls upon her, observing him from across the room.

He stares at her for a second and then begins to smile. She returns the sentiment. He remembers her. His name is suddenly called and their staring contest breaks. He walks around and picks up his order from the other side of the counter. He comes to her table, again with a warm smile and a friendly hug.

How has life treated you? What are you doing here?

What’s Your Favorite Story?

It seemed for a tiny moment that he possibly cared about her. They start to discuss the deeper manners of life. He asks her what her plans are for after she graduates college. She, in turn, asks him how he ended up working at the job he has now. He starts to talk about his life and how happy he is to be in the place he is now. He seems enchanting to her for a split second… but then she notices something different about him.

To the person who just met him, he or she might not notice the subtle changes within him. All the while, he sees something different in her too.

The assertiveness about her that once seemed annoying to him has now become attractive. The curly brown hair he once recalled as being long is now styled into a short, blown-out look, somehow making her prettier than he remembered from their teenage years. Her state of being intrigues him.

The young girl he once knew has now become a woman with more drive and ambition than he can ever remember. He looks at all the magazines spread across the table and he wonders aloud what she is working on. Taking a sip of her coffee what kind did she get — he so desperately wants to know the vanilla smell coming from the mug , she describes how she is writing a response paper on what types of articles each magazine features.

She breaks down the intricacies of what each magazine does, how much each ad costs per issue, etc… and all he can do is sit there, fascinated by her enthusiasm on this seemingly foreign subject.

Moral of Motivational Story – Life is like a cup of coffee

He notices her dark brown eyes light up as she talks about how passionate she is for her craft. Her smile gives him a tingle of warmth through his bones — one that until that moment, he had never felt before with her. All the while, she notices his body language too. He looks her in the eye, trying to figure out her next move before she throws him for a loop and does the opposite. The hand that used to be in his pocket is now right next to hers, almost touching, fingers begging to be linked together. They both feel the warmth radiating from the other person.

They only care about each other in the heat of the moment. Him, afraid that there are more feelings here than he is prepared to handle — from both sides. All these feelings of wanting, and yet no actions made. So they just sit there chatting, desperately hoping that the other is going to reach out and throw a rope to hold onto. A hope that there is a small chance for a romance to begin. She looks at her phone and sighs.

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She lets him know that she has to leave in order to make her next class. She asks if she could see him again. He agrees vehemently, giving her his cell number. The same number from high school. The same number that at one point she knew like the back of her hand. She gives him one last hug, saying it was nice to see him. He continues to sit there, stunned by what just happened.

Coffee (a short story) Coffee (a short story)
Coffee (a short story) Coffee (a short story)
Coffee (a short story) Coffee (a short story)
Coffee (a short story) Coffee (a short story)
Coffee (a short story) Coffee (a short story)

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