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Short Answers to Hard Questions About Clean Coal Technology

Some 65 percent of their student body is from other parts of the country. Some schools even discriminate against the wealthy kid from Greenwich or New York City. Stephen Friedfeld, private college admissions consultant in Princeton, New Jersey. That's just commonplace amongst the private school counselors or affluent suburban high schools. We brought in guidance counselors from a bunch of schools, most of them private high school counselors. And we visited those schools for events. We knew the private-school counselors by name and by face, and they've met the admissions officers from the most prestigious universities.

That's a big advantage for students.

Dirty Secrets of Small Business - Dirty Secrets of Small Business

Those counselors are pushing for them, advocating for them. I never got a call from a public school. People think you don't have to have a lot of savvy to work in admissions, but almost everyone at Cornell, for instance, had a PhD or masters. Applications are read in tandem with faculty, and that provides a different take. People look at putting a candidate forward as a personal endorsement.

If I take a risk on a kid and he fails, that reflects on me personally. There's accountability there, so they tend to be risk-averse when it comes to students who academically are just on the line. Admissions officers want this to be a hands-off process.

10 Dirty Little Secrets of Hotels

They worry that parent or student might become a nuisance to the university for the next four years. Send three or four. Admissions offices don't want to see eight. They get the feeling you're trying to justify something that's bad or missing. And whatever you do, don't send poetry. That rarely works.

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A high school senior is probably not Shakespeare, so poetry is not going to help. Send sophisticated writing, answering the questions the application is asking. That's what admissions officers want to see. He said he was an advisor on several TV shows and movies. So I asked him which ones, and he told me the show Well, that was my favorite show, so I asked him to give me some good gossip.

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Then the next day I got this huge package filled with stuff from the TV show: original scripts, autographs, etc. Kathleen Kingsbury is a writer based in New York. She's a contributor to Time Magazine, where she has covered business, health and education since This report underscores the need for Congress to pass federal legislation that requires cleaning product manufacturers to disclose all the ingredients they use in their products directly on the product label.


Download the full report. Historic legislation was just signed into law in California that requires disclosure of ingredients used in institutional and household cleaning products.

Learn more. Get Texts from WVE! Right-to-know becomes law in California.

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Watch Out for Disinfectant Wipes. Together, Women Win! Voices News. Nanosilver going where? Stop the madness!

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Dirty Secrets Dirty Secrets
Dirty Secrets Dirty Secrets
Dirty Secrets Dirty Secrets
Dirty Secrets Dirty Secrets
Dirty Secrets Dirty Secrets
Dirty Secrets Dirty Secrets
Dirty Secrets Dirty Secrets
Dirty Secrets Dirty Secrets
Dirty Secrets

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