Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition)

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Three aspects are considered: the factors that determine the growth of public expenditure; integration of the tax and expenditure sides in the theory of shifting and incidence of taxation; and the general productivity of public expenditure. The main conclusion of the paper is that Italian economists have examined the problem of public finance in a general context, taking into consideration both taxes and public expenditure at the same time.

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minusvalenze finanziarie: come recuperarle

The recipes date from the fourteenth century and are the earliest such examples in English. Interestingly, it appears that many of these recipes, found only on the menus of the upper classes, remained virtually unchanged until the sixteenth century.

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  • The menus include the all-important order of serving, that strict etiquette that ruled medieval mealtimes, and which meant that most members of a household were only entitled to the first course and that the more delicate dishes were served only to the higher ranks. This too seems to have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Here we can also see how it was thought natural to take the most substantial foods first, leaving the richer and sweeter courses for later, much as we do today.

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    We do not, however, include small game birds as part of 'dessert' as these menus do. Presented here in early English, this invaluable collection gives great insight into the medieval kitchen and household, and is the perfect guide to modern recreations of medieval meals and feasts. Ghanoonparvar trans. Publisher's Notes: "Madatolhayat" is one of the few pre-twentieth century Persian culinary sources to have survived. Regarded as one of the greatest monarchs in Persian history, Shah Abbas moved the Safavid capital from Qazvin to Isfahan, reviving its glory and making this ancient city a cosmopolitan center once again by building magnificent architectural edifices, including palaces, mosques, bridges, and boulevards.

    In fact, Isfahan during his reign acquired the title of "Half the World," and its central square, with its two grand mosques, the Grand Bazaar, and the most important magnificent royal palace, Ali Qapu [the Grand Gate], became a center of government, religion, and commerce and was given the name "the Image of the World. In addition to a relatively large number of 16th century royal recipes, Nurollah's manuscript presents to the reader a picture of domestic life in Ali Qapu palace, including not only information about the type of food served but also instances of the king's personal involvement in more mundane tasks, such as cooking and experimenting with food preparation.

    In Dining at the Safavid Court, M.

    Tassazione internazionale

    Ghanoonparvar provides us with a translation of Nurollah's culinary treatise, which was presented to his patron, Shah Abbas I, in gratitude for the king's permission to go on an offseason pilgrimage to Mecca, as well as modernized versions of the recipes in The Substance of Life. Publisher's Notes: Transcribed and translated with commentary by Terence Scully. The Archives of the Valais, Switzerland, hold a manuscript a culinary treatise of a certain Chiquart. Dated , the Du fait de cuisine turned out to be a remarkable presentation of fine banquet fare and the best cookery practices of that time.

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    The novel format that Chiquart chose for his work is of a pair of elegant two-day banquets, one for meat days, the other for lean days. An initial section of the work lists all the provisions and personnel that a cook should ensure he has at hand. This edition offers an introduction on the alimentary traditions that Chiquart drew upon and contributed to.

    An English translation, the only full English translation of the text available, accompanies the manuscript text.

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    Footnotes help explain the techniques and procedures that Chiquart uses; an index helps the reader navigate the translated text. Best ed. Publisher's Notes: In Englishman Gervase Markham published a handbook for housewives containing "all the virtuous knowledges and actions both of the mind and body, which ought to be in any complete housewife. Markham reveals the "pretty and curious secrets" of preparing everything from simple foods to such elaborate meals as a "humble feast" - an undertaking which entails preparing "no less than two and thirty dishes, which is as much as can stand on one table.

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    • As a housewife was also responsible for the health and "soundness of body" of her family, he includes advice on the prevention of everything from the plague to baldness and bad breath. No other source from this period provides the same richness of information in such a readable style.

      Michael Best's introduction and his abundant notes make The English Housewife readily accessible to the contemporary reader. Publisher's Notes: Published in , this revolutionary recipe book represents a move away from peasant traditions, and lays the foundations of classic French cuisine.

      La Varenne's was the first recipe book to receive international acclaim, and influenced European cookery for many centuries to come.

      Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition) Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition)
      Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition) Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition)
      Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition) Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition)
      Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition) Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition)
      Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition) Fiscalità dei redditi finanziari (Italian Edition)

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