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13 Best Quit-Smoking Tips Ever

A man who stops smoking at that age increases his life expectancy by 1. For women the pay-off is even higher - life expectancy increases by 4 years.

By being non-smokers we can be a good example for them, especially parents, teachers, sports and trainers. We should educate them to be aware of damage from tobacco.

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That includes the new ways of using tobacco, such as heat-not-burn tobacco, which are fashionable among young people. Of course, it is important to avoid the normalization of smoking through laws that protect the environment and children from smoke. In this sense the best example is Singapore, where the access to tobacco is denied to all inhabitants born from the year They have an important role in providing information about the harmful effects of active and passive exposure to tobacco smoke.

We need to create a collective awareness of the dangers. But maybe the most important role is advocacy for an effective tobacco control policy by pressing governments and institutions to strengthen the implementation of the World Health Organization WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

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At this moment, the implementation of these measures is very unequal across Europe. Some of the strategies that have been shown to increase quit rates are raising taxes on tobacco, restricting places where people can smoke, educating smokers about the harms of tobacco and banning all advertising and marketing, including establishing plain packaging rules for cigarettes.

Offering stop-smoking services at primary health care and supporting medical treatments for stopping smoking are essential measures too. I would recommend all smokers seek professional help and use medical treatments like nicotine replacement therapy.

How to Quit Smoking

Studies show that you are four times more likely to quit with professional help. Smoking cessation drugs like nicotine replacement, varenicline or bupropion have proven efficacy that highly increase the chance of stopping smoking successfully. They are safe and are funded in some European countries. The average number of times a smoker tries to stop until they finally quit smoking is between 4 and 5.

If you would like to stop smoking, or you are a healthcare professional who would like to improve the stop smoking services at your workplace, ELF has a number of different resources that could help you. Download our factsheets on smoking with a lung condition and the benefits of stopping smoking.

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How to Stop SMoking How to Stop SMoking
How to Stop SMoking How to Stop SMoking
How to Stop SMoking How to Stop SMoking
How to Stop SMoking How to Stop SMoking
How to Stop SMoking How to Stop SMoking
How to Stop SMoking How to Stop SMoking
How to Stop SMoking How to Stop SMoking

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