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Oceans of Venus. Moons of Jupiter.

Live From Daryl's House - "Danny's Song"

Pirates of the Asteroids. The originals of these paintings will be for sale Spring inside the moon. Summer in the moon. Autumn inside the moon. Autumn, on Earth somewhere. Tweets by DannyFlynnArt. In essence, I guess it's the next best thing to owning an original. How long does it take for a print to arrive? It depends where in the world you live, and how amazing your postman is.

Danny O’Sullivan, Founder & Chairman

If you live in the UK, it should only take a few days. Anywhere else in the world, please allow a week to ten days. Outside of Earth, then allow a month or two. Outside our Solar System, then best allow a couple of light years. Are any of your originals for sale? Yes, they are I also take on private commissions. Ideas come from everywhere and anywhere I have been drawing and painting ever since I was a baby.

I would copy all the animals in my many nature books and visit the local pond, making a note of all the creatures I'd find there. This began my love of Fantasy and Science Fiction Absorbing all this fantastical literature, my nature art started to change somewhat and become a bit more weird.

What I meant to say

Birds I drew would have two or maybe even three heads, and be the size of castles. Clusters of shells would become ethereal space cities. And so it began How do you become an artist? You draw You look at the work of other artists. You join an Art Society and befriend other creative people. You always have a sketchbook on the go, take it with you everywhere.

Obituary for Danny W. Mills | Loudon Funeral Home and Cremations, Inc.

You leave your home town and go to Art college. There is no "proper" clearly defined route to becoming an Artist. It is more a way of life than a profession. As well as the advice above, all I can say is By all means, step out of your comfort zone from time to time, but strive towards being in a position where you are creating work you enjoy. To get there though, may just take time and a lot of hard word and practice.

Difficult question as I love most art, and greatly admire those who follow their creative dreams When time allows I will come back too this question and name some of my favourites. Are you from earth? I think I am, yet many disagree. Have you ever seen a ufo?

Yes I have Funeral Service. Send Flowers to Danny's Funeral Service. Guaranteed delivery before the Funeral Service begins. Graveside Service. Send Flowers to Danny's Graveside Service. Guaranteed delivery before the Graveside Service begins. Send Flowers.

Danny Coyle's

All Rights Reserved. Funeral Home website by CFS. Bar', Sundsvall, Sweden Phone for Info and table reservation. Free entrance.

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MORC Tickets. Bully On Rocks Ticket Link.

Stonedead Festival Ticket Link. Click the image below. Myths, Legends and Lies is now released and available on all popular formats. Two new videos from Danny about the album release. Album update.

Is Danny Home? Is Danny Home?
Is Danny Home? Is Danny Home?
Is Danny Home? Is Danny Home?
Is Danny Home? Is Danny Home?
Is Danny Home? Is Danny Home?
Is Danny Home? Is Danny Home?

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