Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8

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At the same time, my heart was changing and suddenly it belonged to photography. I kept going when the summer ended. After two years it was untenable to keep working full time with both design and photography. I felt like I was having an affair on the side of my job, so after eleven years of a good job in fashion I quit to make monsters and fairies in my back garden, Kirsty says with a laugh. She documented her process and posted those pictures online. In addition, she posted parts of her diary, opening up her innermost self and sharing her vulnerability.

Once, she got an email from a boy in a village near Mount Everest, right when the bills were piling insurmountably high and she was considering selling her self-designed wedding dress and going back to a full time job. His dad had just passed away and he wrote that Wonderland helped him through his grief, and he thanked me. That helped me understand that my work touches people, so I got myself together and kept going. The turning point came just a month later. When the pictures started appearing in the media a lot of big publishers got in touch and wanted to do a book, but nobody wanted to include the diary entries, so I decided to publish it myself.

By happenstance, the book has become something of a self help phenom. The first book signing in the US turned into an impromptu mass therapy session. Kirsty met a family that had tried their hand at their own Wonderland-style projects when their grandmother had died, and a women who gave a copy of the book to everyone in her family after her cancer diagnosis.

They had never experienced a situation where people talked as openly about death as we were in that Wonderland context, Kirsty says. In her next project, Kirsty turned her camera back on herself. The same night that Wonderland went into its second printing, she found a lump in her breast and was stunned when it turned out to be grade three breast cancer. With cancer, you can never really be sure what the future holds. The worst part of cancer, worse than the treatment, was not being able to create for two years.

I want to give a voice to the experience of having cancer and having a baby. At times, her voice wavers when she talks about her mother.


But your life can get bigger around it. Kirsty Mitchell, Gammelyn's Daughter. Show less v Show More v.

Supporting families whose children suffer from life-threatening illnesses, diseases and disorders

Kirsty Mitchell, The Journey Home. Kirsty Mitchell, The Queen's Armada. Kirsty Mitchell, The White Queen. Kirsty Mitchell, The Queen's Centurion. Kirsty has a theory. As she worked, something started happening. Do It Yourself? Published: Filter by.

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Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. Really enjoyed this book which surprised me as I hated Heather from the get Wrongs were done on all sides and for Heather to suffer such cold indifference from ty well let's just say if it was me I'd flip also.

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Glad she found her happy ever after. Until now,I always thought Heather was a complete bitch but actually seeing it from her POV made me see she wasn't as nasty as she's made out to be. The girl had her own issues and her biggest mistake was letting herself be used by guys thinking they'd love her in return.

Until she meets Jessie ;- Another great instalment in the Mitchell series. What a fantastic book, I couldn't wait to finish this book, Heather and Jessie deserved to be happy after everything.

I'm so glad it all worked out in the end. I dont want to start book 9 because I don't want the Mitchell series to be over. My advice to anyone thinking about reading this series is go for it, you will fall in love with all the characters!!!!! Throughout the last seven books in the series, Heather was depicted as this horrible person who just ruined so many of the Mitchell families lives, so I was not sure if I would like this book. But the story was very well written and surprisingly, Jennifer Foor was able to make me actually like Heather and see her in a different light.

I am biased cause I love all of Jenn's books but this one was kinda genius. Everyone hated Heather in the previous books in this series but Jenn managed to get everyone to soften for her and for some of us, even like her ; yes that's right, I like Heather!

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Go read this, it's a must read! I'm a big fan of Jennifer but I've got to be honest I'm a little disappointed with her. Why did Heather get a book? What was the point she's not apart of the clique, I actually skim read the book, it was so boring the only reason I have not given less than 3 stars is because I really like Jennifer. Love this series! Fantastic books well written and kept me hooked from book 1.

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Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8 Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8
Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8 Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8
Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8 Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8
Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8 Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8
Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8 Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8
Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8 Losing Him: Mitchell Family Series Book 8

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