Modern Methods of Valuation

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Modern Methods Of Valuation, 11Th Edition

Demand for and supply of landed property Price will ration the supply and match it to the demand. Price also acts as an indicator and as an incentive to increase or decrease supply and demand. The real estate market with respect to price changes is inelastic, which means a change in demand or supply cannot be match quickly.

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An important factor that restricts supply of land and buildings is the need for planning approval for development. Also natural limitations as for example finding suitable land is important. Elasticity of demand for any commodity or service depends on whether the commodity or service is regarded as a necessity and on the existence of satisfactory substitutes. The ability to buy will usually depend on the availability of loans mortgages and on the policies of the lending institutions in respect of the multiples of income and the percentage of capital value loan to value ration on which they will lend.

Modern Methods of Valuation by David MacKmin & Eric Shapiro & Gary Sams -

Changes in the overall size, location and composition of the population will affect the demand for landed property. Landed property as an investment In a lease-back a company will sell its interest in the property and take the property back on lease, paying annual rent. In mortgage transaction it obtains a loan on the security of its title to the property, paying annual interest on the loan. The idea behind those constructions is that a company can use the capital to invest it elsewhere in the business.

Modern Methods of Valuation

In reaching a decision buyers compare what is available and at what price and buy the good or service which, in their opinion, gives the best return for the price paid; they seek value for money. Valuation methods: a. The market approach or comparable method: compare the object to be valued with the prices obtained for other similar objects in the same market at the same point in time. The income approach or investment method: ownership and occupation are mostly separate in the property market.

The valuer is often asked to value an interest in property where the value is dependent on the amount of rent that an occupier would pay for the right to occupy and on the level of return an investor would require on their capital net income. The lower the rate of interest, the higher the YP. When a estimation of the value of the finished project can be made in combination with a estimation of the building costs and the desirable profit, the residual is the price someone can afford to spend for the land. The profits approach: the level of sales determines the level of profits and this determine the price someone will pay for the property.

With this method the gross profits can be used to determine the value of the property. The valuation of such properties is. Hedge against inflation: an investment that offers the investor the opportunity of maintaining the real value of capital and income inflation proof Tax Tax tends to divide between tax on capital and tax on income. Zoning method the depth of each zone varies according to circumstances, common practices to divide shop into three zones of 6. Zoning method is a means to an end in order to find the true rental value.

Usually more appropriate to vary the rate applied to each floor and or possible use for the available floor space.

A percentage of this total figure is then taken to obtain the rateable value 8. Alternative method is to relate it to a price per seat. Mineral itself is valued on a royalty basis applied to the volume extracted. Plant, machinery and buildings are valued on an estimated capital value basis. Valuation lists show every dwelling in the billing authority area, together with a band of value applicable to that dwelling. The appropriate banding is decided by determining the value the property might reasonably have been expected to realise if it had been sold on the open market by a willing vendor on a certain valuation date.

Please sign in or register to post comments. Related documents. Reasons for dissimilarities: Location important factor in the value of a property and for some a major factor. Physical state depends on the amount of attention which has been given to its maintenance, repair and decoration.

Tenure freehold, leasehold and commonhold interest. Contrast between types and nature of interests. Purpose purpose of valuation Time market is not static Only three types of property lend themselves readily to the use of the market approach for capital value estimates: 1 Residential property Various allowances for differences in quality have to be made level of allowance is subjective and requires expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable valuer. Chapter 7 — Yields Income approach. Usually public authorities or publicly financed organisations. Is in decline and rarely encountered. Lease terms will vary from full repairing and insuring FRI lease to a fully inclusive lease.

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Freehold let at below MR A freeholder will be receiving a rent below MR if the rent was fixed some years ago and rental values have risen, or if the lessee paid a premium to the freeholder when they took the lease. For fixed period, same calculations as a. Then, the valuer must determine the rent that will arise at the end of the term MR p. Freehold let at more than MR Because: a competitive tenant has outbid the market to secure a property; the market rent has fallen since the lease was negotiated or the rent is indexed linked and the index has outpaced the market.

Valuation of leasehold interests Leasehold interest arise in 2 principal ways: where a freeholder of development land offers a ground lease under which the leaseholder carries out the development and enjoys the benefits of the development for the period of the lease in return for the payment of a ground rent. Ground rent is low relative to the MR.

Rent may be less than MR, because market rents have risen between the grant of the lease and valuation date, or initial concessionary rent was agreed. A leasehold interest has no value unless the MR is greater than the rent payable.

MR represents the maximum rent at which the property can be let, a tenant will not be prepared to offer any additional sum to buy the lease. A leaseholder interest has value only where the MR exceeds the rent payable. This benefit will continue until the lease ends or the rent is adjusted to the higher MR. Chapter 10 - Discounted cash flow Future net cash flows from a property are discounted in order to determine its present market value.

NPV If the present value of receipts exceeds the present value of expenses the investment is worthwhile because the return must exceed the yield discount rate. Chapter 11 Valuation of development property that consists of bare land or land with existing buildings which are either to be refurbished or to be redeveloped with new buildings. Rate of interest depends on prevailing rates, status of borrower and risks attached to the development. Money to be borrowed relate to land costs incurred at the start and building costs needed in stages.

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Modern Methods of Valuation Modern Methods of Valuation
Modern Methods of Valuation Modern Methods of Valuation
Modern Methods of Valuation Modern Methods of Valuation
Modern Methods of Valuation Modern Methods of Valuation
Modern Methods of Valuation Modern Methods of Valuation
Modern Methods of Valuation Modern Methods of Valuation
Modern Methods of Valuation Modern Methods of Valuation
Modern Methods of Valuation Modern Methods of Valuation

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