Pavane (For A Dead Princess)

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A typical performance of the piece lasts between six and seven minutes.


The pavane was a slow processional dance that enjoyed great popularity in the courts of Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. After a performance by Charles Oulmont, Ravel mentioned to him that the piece was called "Pavane for a dead princess", not "dead Pavane for a princess". I simply liked the sound of those words and I put them there, c'est tout".

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When Ravel published his orchestrated version of the Pavane in , he gave the lead melody to the horn, and specified a non-generic instrument: the score calls for "2 Cors simples en sol" two hand-horns in G. The teaching of the valveless hand-horn had persisted longer in the Paris Conservatory than in other European centers; only in had the valve horn replaced it as the official horn of primary instruction.

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The orchestral score was published in This section also keeps drifting in and out of keys using 7th chords and lush dissonance over the constant dance-like 8th note pulse. One unique thing about section B, though, is the brief hint of a secondary melody.

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Look at the end of the first measure in theme B. The primary melody climbs up over a static B and D, while a secondary melody peeks through with a descending line played by the left hand. The dynamics are even softer in theme B; the beginning is marked pianissimo before a measure of mezzo forte which then softens down to pianississimo — ppp. Notice the accents in the left hand; they fall on beats 1 and 3 instead of the typical 2 and 4.

Also notice the repeated B in the left hand during the first few measures — just like the pedal point in section B. And then with an exciting jump from pianissimo to fortissimo, theme C is introduced:. Theme C contrasts heavily with themes A and B.

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Once theme C is in C Dorian, a few fortissimo bursts lead directly to a cadence in G Dorian — and then the whole thing repeats. Theme C ends with a fermata on a G minor chord.

Even though the theme is the same, the treatment of the melody is slightly different than the first two versions of theme A. The right hand plays the harmony in the form of 16th notes, and the left hand is similar to that of the second A theme.

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The music transitions from pianissimo to forte with accents before finishing fortissimo also accented :. The subtle charm, grace, and nostalgia speak to listeners all through time and space. Does it transport you back to younger years? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. A Dance for a Princess. The final three measures of theme A.


The opening measures of theme B. The final measures of theme B. The last three measures of theme A and the start of theme C beginning at the double bar. The last rendition of theme A. The ending of Pavane for a Dead princess.

Pavane (For A Dead Princess) Pavane (For A Dead Princess)
Pavane (For A Dead Princess) Pavane (For A Dead Princess)
Pavane (For A Dead Princess) Pavane (For A Dead Princess)
Pavane (For A Dead Princess) Pavane (For A Dead Princess)
Pavane (For A Dead Princess) Pavane (For A Dead Princess)
Pavane (For A Dead Princess) Pavane (For A Dead Princess)
Pavane (For A Dead Princess) Pavane (For A Dead Princess)

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