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Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A perfect family's dynamic is ruined by a kidnapper's brutally efficient plot.

Director: Mike Barker. Writer: William Morrissey. Krimi - trileri - misterije. Share this Rating Title: Shattered 6.

Shattered glass injures fan at NMU hockey game

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Pierce Brosnan Tom Ryan Maria Bello Abby Randall Gerard Butler Neil Randall Emma Karwandy Sophie Randall Claudette Mink Judy Ryan Desiree Zurowski Helen Schriver Nicholas Lea Jerry Crane Peter Keleghan Karl Granger Samantha Ferris Diane Malcolm Stewart Dave Carver Callum Keith Rennie McGill Dustin Milligan Matt Ryan Julie Patzwald Female Teller Jason McKinnon French Waiter Kurt Evans Edit Storyline The happily-married couple of Neil and Abby Randall have worked very hard to create a healthy and safe bubble for themselves and their only daughter, Sophie.

Taglines: No one knows how far they can go Chakotay, confused, asks what happened to the mobile emitter , but the Doctor has no idea what that is. Chakotay, in a hurry, leaves alone. Once in the turbolift , a strange wave of light sweeps from above as the lift rises to the bridge, and the medkit that he was carrying vanishes. When Chakotay arrives on the bridge, he causes a stir and Janeway acts as if she doesn't know him. The captain's long hair is tied up in bun, much like when Voyager arrived in the Delta Quadrant.

Shattered glass injures fan at NMU hockey game

Janeway informs him that Voyager is pursuing the Maquis ship in the Badlands , and that Chakotay is her primary target. She orders him taken to the brig , but the officers with him vanish as they go down in the turbolift, and he arrives in engineering 5 years ago during the Kazon takeover of Voyager by Seska. Chakotay manages to escape through another distortion. Seska asks the rest of the Kazon in Engineering to scan for anomalies.

Chakotay manages to get back to sickbay, where he realizes that The Doctor's treatment allows him to pass through the temporal barriers. He asks the Doctor what stardate it is; the Doctor says it is stardate The Doctor won't get his mobile emitter for another year. With this in mind, Chakotay takes a hypospray with the serum in it and heads back to the bridge, where he confronts the past Janeway once more.

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Chakotay tells her that an anomaly has hit the ship in the future causing him to shift into the past. Janeway tells him that her helmsman Lieutenant Stadi at the time walked out of her ready room into the corridor and disappeared. However, the occurrence doesn't sway Janeway into believing Chakotay, so he claims the hypospray holds poison and presses it against Janeway's neck, threatening to kill her. Chakotay, still holding the captain, heads off in the direction that the crew member had gone before they disappeared.

The two shift into another timeline, Chakotay having injected Janeway with the hypospray seconds earlier.

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Chakotay explains to Janeway that it is all true and that they are good friends in the future. Still skeptical, Janeway offers her help in formulating a plan, but they must get to sickbay. On the way to sickbay, they pass into another timeframe, one where two wounded crew members are laying on the ground unconscious. Chakotay theorizes that it may be either when the crew was under the influence of the dream species , or when the crew encountered the telepathic pitcher plant.

He assures Janeway that the crew will be fine. Chakotay suggests they go to astrometrics to scan the ship for temporal fractures, surprising Janeway who doesn't think Voyager has such a lab.

Shattered (UK) - 2004 Channel 4 series - Episode 1/7

They enter astrometrics to find Icheb and Naomi Wildman as adult Starfleet crewmembers, surprised to see them since, in their timeline, the captain and her first officer had died seventeen years earlier. Icheb and Naomi reveal that the ship has been fractured into thirty-seven different timeframes. The focal point of the surge appears to have been obliterated.

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Naomi wishes that Seven of Nine was there to help them but tells Chakotay and Janeway that they don't know when or where she is. Before Chakotay leaves, Icheb tells him that he never told Neelix where Chakotay hid his bottles. They find her in Cargo Bay 2, still a pure Borg drone , with the other Borg drones that beamed aboard during their alliance. She informs them that the Borg vessels experience chronological stress when they travel through their tunnels, and that they keep the Borg vessels in temporal sync by projecting a chroniton field and suggests that if they modify the bio-neural gel packs that run Voyager 's systems, it will return Voyager to Chakotay's timeframe.

The Doctor modifies a pair of bandoleers to resist the temporal barriers to hold the hyposprays. The Doctor starts talking about the Delta Quadrant, but Chakotay cuts him off, not wishing to violate the Temporal Prime Directive any more than Chakotay already had. Chakotay and Janeway head off to inject the necessary packs, first passing through time into past events, although Chakotay does not realize this at first. They inject the gel pack, and narrowly escape when a macrovirus from that timeframe's infestation turns up. It chases them through a time barrier and disappears.


They find themselves having enter the holodeck into Tom Paris ' favorite holoprogram, Captain Proton , where they are met by the various cheesy characters that they must get past to inject the gelpack in holodeck number two, mainly achieved by Janeway's reluctant impersonation of Queen Arachnia. Janeway is strapped to a table while Chaotica is preparing to torture her. Then Janeway and Chakotay tell Chaotica that there is a danger from the 8th dimension. Chaotica is then manipulated into exposing and injecting the gelpack and they manage to convince him to release them to rid the rest of Chaotica's realm of those gelpacks.

In the transporter room , they encounter several members of the Maquis, including B'Elanna Torres and Ayala. They are hostile to Janeway and Chakotay, but allow them to inject the gelpack and leave. Janeway questions Torres' comments about stranding them in the Delta Quadrant and Chakotay assures her that she did it for a good reason. When they enter the mess hall , they find it being used as a sickbay and injured crewmen litter the floor, being treated by Tom Paris for radiation poisoning due to the temporal anomaly in Chakotay's timeline. Neelix gives Janeway some coffee and assures her that he has faith that they will come through this crisis like they have all others — surprising Janeway as she has obviously never met Neelix before — while Chakotay injects the gelpack.

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