The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged)

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And I will kill again! Lelouch: That wasn't eating. I've seen eating. What happened in there was pure chaos. Lelouch: We better get out of this cave. Bears live in caves. And bears are crazy. Suzaku: Hey, wanna go to a convention?

Lelouch : [angrily] No! Yes he does. General: Madam, we discovered that there is a tunnel below the hotel which we can use to infiltrate. Cornelia: I hear you loud and clear. Let's fire a missile in there and be done with this. Dalton: But, Madam, we found that your sister is among the hostages.

Ghost Nappa : I'm in your show, fucking it up. Guilford: Hell, I stole your watch before you got in here. Jeremiah: So that's where that thing went. Guilford: Yeah, I lost it though.

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Jeremiah: Dammit, that was a Rolex! Lelouch: You see a Rolex I lifted off some guy yesterday? You'd better not be touching my stuff. Lelouch: Suzaku, listen very carefully. I'm about to get seriously effed right now, so I need you to relay a message. Lelouch: Blargh!

Who are you?! Well, what do you have to say for yourself? Milly: But that was three months ago. And now all you did is prove to us that you didn't know both words at the time. Lelouch: D'oh! Emperor Charles: What was I thinking about just now? Suzaku: Who knew they'd put the death of Clover's murder on that stupid One guy? Nunnally: I think Nina's really sick.

I walked in on her in the Student Faculty Room and she sounded like a dying coyote.

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Lelouch: A bold move. Young Lelouch: Dad! Mom is dead. Emperor Charles: How dead? Young Lelouch: Dead enough to cause Nunally to go blind. Emperor Charles: That's pretty dead. Euphy: Seriously, how are you still part of the army? I thought you had to be at least somewhat smart to be in there!

Soldier 2: I dunno, but whoever he is, his fat ass is weighin' down this plane!

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Cornelia: This One guy seems to be our biggest threat. Kallen: It's a good thing I have One to look up to. He's a great role model. Cornelia: Well, we'll have to concentrate on the army with the most competent leader. Cut to: Liberal Japanese Leader: I stepped on a nail! Cut to: One: [hitting himself repeatedly] Dammit! Cornelia: They're probably off somewhere laughing at us right now! I'm friends with Lelouch too, you know. He's probably mounting a rescue as we speak. Lelouch appears on the fair's display next to C.

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I know because I'm the one that gave him that power. And ever since I did, he's slowly been going crazy. Lelouch: That's nice. Kallen : One, it looks like the Britanians are retreating! One : Like Hell we are! We're going after them!

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Kallen : But we're in a submarine! There's no way we'll make it in time! One : FUCK that! Lelouch : Well Suzaku, it was great to have you over for dinner. Although there was really no need for you to eat all of the silverware. Suzaku : I need to be under constant supervision. Lelouch : So why did they let you out of prison anyway? Suzaki : Apparently if you score negative on an IQ test they give you a free pass out of everything. Lelouch : You did so bad you owe points? Suzaku : I did bad? Liberation Member: Sir, for the love of god, open your eyes!

Tohdoh: I won't lie: I've been drinking again. This may be a bad time to tell you, but I can't drive stick. Suzaku: So they save money by killing Janitors, but waste money by killing Janitors. Lelouch: Have you ever seen a British person? I haven't. Therefore they don't exist. Lelouch: mockingly Oh my god you guys, British people are real, they're walking around everywhere! They're not real. Lelouch: Look at the English dictionary! The English dictionary! All the words in there are American! Jeremiah: If I'm back here, and you're back here, who's driving the car? One: But Tamaki, I thought you said you were getting a lot of use out of our drug operation!

One: [resignedly understands what happened] Okay. Tamaki: We should get a DOG! One: Tamaki, I don't know what kind of lingo you kids think is hip nowadays, but let's just call it meth like everybody else! It's broken so it doesn't matter. Milly: Kallen, where do babies come from? Man: Get in the car, I'll give ya some candy.

Lelouch: Dumbass! You just lost yourself some candy! Suzaku : Koo-koo-ka-chu Mrs.

Irving Kirsch: Emperor's New Drugs: Antidepressants and the Placebo Effect. Seminar in Helsinki pt 1

Deithard: Hey, where the hell is Camera 3? Assistant: He said he was gonna get some "action shots".

The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged) The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged)
The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged) The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged)
The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged) The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged)
The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged) The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged)
The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged) The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged)
The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged) The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged)
The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged) The Emperors New Drugs Brain Shot (Abridged)

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