The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

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According to some historical sources, she accompanied St.

John the Evangelist to the city of Ephesus, near modern Selcuk, Turkey, where she died and was buried. Mary Magdalene continues to be an object of fascination for both religious devotees and those in secular media. We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us!

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Subscribe to the Biography newsletters to receive stories about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives. Saint Patrick is Ireland's patron saint, known for spreading Christianity throughout the country as a missionary during the 5th century.

Saint Stephen is recognized as a saint and the first martyr in Christian theology. He was condemned for committing blasphemy against the Jewish Temple, and was stoned to death circa the year In a famous tale, he rescued a Libyan princess from a sea monster. Those with ears, let them hear this. Peace be with you. May my peace reside within you. Follow him, for those who seek him there will find him. Go forth, now, and proclaim the Good News concerning the Kingdom. Beyond what I have already given you, do not lay down any further rules nor issue laws as the Lawgiver, lest you too be dominated by them.

Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene and Jesus, Fra Angelico, ca. As we enter this dialogue, we are literally joining a conversation in midstream. This is a classic Near Eastern teaching style that even today is a mainstay in many schools of Sufism. As manuscript page 7 opens, a student is clearly asking Jesus a question about the permanence of matter, and Jesus responds with a brief but remarkable metaphysical statement—something that occurs nowhere in the canonical gospels and offers a fascinating glimpse into the theoria theoretical knowledge on which his practical wisdom rests. Is Jesus really here?

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Is this material body in which he stands before them a solid reality or merely a veil that will soon dissolve? Jesus responds by affirming very strongly that the origin of nature i.

Peter immediately jumps in with the next question. What is sin?

Who Was Mary Magdalene?

This is, of course, the classic Jewish philosophical preoccupation; you will find it vividly imprinted on nearly every page of Old Testament prophetic and wisdom teaching and as the driveshaft of the Pauline metaphysics upon which orthodox Christian theology rests. Whose fault is it that suffering and evil came into the world?

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Who is to blame? How is it atoned for? But we must listen carefully to where he is headed in his comment. He does not go on to state that sin is therefore an illusion, the typical Eastern thought progression.

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Nearly sixteen centuries later the German mystic Jacob Boehme would express this cosmological insight with poetic precision and beauty:. For you must realize that earth unfolds its properties and powers in union with Heaven aloft above us, and there is one Heart, one Being, one Will, one God, all in all. When they are not, disease and disharmony inevitably ensue. Detail of Chapel of St.

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Nicholas, Tolentino, Italy. To say that their hearts are intertwined is not at all to speak sentimentally. Rather, it is to affirm that Mary Magdalene has fully understood this principle of spiritual alignment through the heart and has been able to personally corroborate it within herself. Jump to navigation. It was common for anonymous writers in the second century to attribute the name of a popular New Testament figure to their Gospel in order to gain credibility. This same phenomenon occurs with the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Peter, Gospel of Philip, and other second century writings.

Only fragments of the Gospel of Mary actually survive today. There were approximately nine chapters originally written in the Gospel, but chapters , part of 4 and 5, and all of are lost. Since it was written so late, the Gospel of Mary could not have been included in the New Testament canon which is composed of books written in the first century either by apostles or associates of apostles.

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The Gospel of Mary Magdalene The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

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