The Kitchen Maid

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  • The Milkmaid, Johannes Vermeer, c. - Rijksmuseum.
  • The Kitchen Maid!
  • The Kitchen Maid in European painting: 17th – 18th century.
  • The Kitchen Maid by Val Wood - Penguin Books Australia;

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"The Kitchen Maid"

Yes free reuse. Time Date: th 17th 17th century Period: 3 quarter of the 17th century. Suggested content Similar items Results Result.

A male Kitchen maid

Feedback Feedback. Even the patina on the table itself provides a tangible quality to the wood. The female Moorish kitchen servant is treated with sensitivity as Velazquez delicately defines her features with a softer light falling across her face compared to the harsher contrasting brightness which picks out the white of the fabrics and the shine on the pottery.

The overall use of tone by Velazquez binds the whole piece together as the colour palette ranges through browns, ochres and umbers across the entire painting, but the splashes of brightness add dimension and balance without looking artificial. One of the most interesting features in this painting is the picture on the wall behind the kitchen maid, which depicts the supper at the house of Emmaus.

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She finished the restoration in the spring of That just happens with the aging of an old painting. Visitors to the San Antonio Museum of Art last summer actually had the first preview. Luber was there for another project, but also in the throes of securing works for her Spanish show. Luber applauded the MFAH for being so generous.

Like Watt and her daughters, she is woman of color. Watt checked the label, surprised to see that it dated to the early 17th century. Minutes before, Natalia Calderson and her home school teacher Olivia Gross, from Cypress, had the same reaction.

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The Milkmaid, Jan Vermeer: Analysis, Interpretation

Was the figure Moorish? Was she a model or was the scene real? Velazquez did indeed paint people of all classes, treating them with great respect; and Seville was the epicenter of the world slave trade during his time there.

The Kitchen Maid The Kitchen Maid
The Kitchen Maid The Kitchen Maid
The Kitchen Maid The Kitchen Maid
The Kitchen Maid The Kitchen Maid
The Kitchen Maid The Kitchen Maid
The Kitchen Maid The Kitchen Maid
The Kitchen Maid The Kitchen Maid
The Kitchen Maid The Kitchen Maid
The Kitchen Maid The Kitchen Maid

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