Valle (The Heku Series Book 2)

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Emily took it and looked at it for a while before taking a tiny bite. Chevalier studied her. She was pale, but otherwise looked fine for having slept on the bathroom floor. He did notice a twinge of annoyance in her voice, but was able to refrain from chuckling.

Valle Book 2 of the Heku Series - T. M. Nielsen - Audiobook - Part 1

Maybe I can help. Chevalier considered it for a moment, and then figured he better leave. Emily took a drink of Sprite and then got up and got dressed. Finally managing to pull herself together, she headed out to the barn. The cat glanced up at her and then curled up against her chest.

Peanut ran off deeper into the barn after hissing at her again. Emily wandered back inside to clean the scratches.

I smell blood. Wait… what cat?

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She stopped when she felt his hand on her arm. I just want to clean out this scratch, and then go back and feed the cows.

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A week before they come for her? She winced a bit when both heku looked at her. Kyle nodded and they both left toward the barn. She was irritated with the entire process and spent most of her time in the barn. Things were tense around the castle because of her strong scent, which Chevalier finally explained to her. She felt better being outside, away from the heku.

Emily stepped into her room after being away in the barn all day and smiled when she saw the roses and a note on her bed. She smelled the flower and read the note. It was easy enough to tie it off to the balcony and then she nimbly swung over the side and worked her way to the ground. She hid in shadows the entire way, moving quickly through the streets of the island.

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With dusk approaching, there were plenty of hiding spots and she was soon within sight of the pier. She gasped, there was blood covering the pier. Chevalier confronts the Valle and Equites Eldersabout Emily, and in doing so, endangers his ownlife. WhileChevalier fights to protect Emily and hiscoven, the Equites Faction faces an even biggercrisis when they decide a change of leadershipis long past due. The operationcould not only threaten his life, but also hisrelationship with Emily..

Encala, Book 3 in the Heku Series, finds Emilyand Chevalier settled into the palace and life asone of the ruling heads of the Equites begins.

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As the Council City Cavalry struggles to keeptabs on Emily, the Encala begin their mission togain her confidence and then jump to drasticmeasures to pull her into the Encala Faction. The V. They quickly intertwine themselvesclosely with the city outside of Council City, thehome of the Equites. Equites, Book 4 in the Heku Series, starts offwith the beginnings of a war. Damon andEmily are still fighting while the Equitesdefends itself against attacks from both theValle and the Encala.

An accident sends Emilyto the hospital, and the tension with the Vallebecomes more explosive. Emily suspects the heku have a secret, and willgo to any measure to find out what it is. Shecomes face-to-face with the darker side of theheku and quickly comes to terms with it. Anagricultural coven takes her in and her views ofthe sinister heku begin to change. An ultimatum is placed that could upend theentire species. After thousands of years of war, the peaceagreement arranged by Emily forces the factionsto work together to destroy a new threat. Tensions between Exavior and the Equites growand Emily becomes a prime target.

Chevalierstruggles to come to terms with the friendshipsEmily has with the enemy factions, and when theChief Enforcers go missing, he sets out to bringthem back and tries to find a way to keep Emilyout of the skirmish.

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An important Equites trial puts Emily on theCouncil stand and shows her more of the volatiletendencies of the heku species. The Ferus emerge as a formidable enemy, andplans are made to extinguish the rogue band ofheku. Ferus, Book 6 in the Heku Series, continues tofollow the Ferus Organization, a heku alignmentthat is struggling to become the 4th heku faction. With the newly renewed tension between thefactions growing even more violent, Emilystruggles with the loss of past friendships.

Chevalier and the Equites find themselves, onceagain, fighting to keep Emily with them, andtheir power brings the Valle and Encala to theirknees, again wishing to renew the once strongalliance. Emily finds friendship and purpose out on theisland and only another attack brings her back tothe palace, but not for long.

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Again the V. Emily continues her quest to seek revenge forthe death of her Cavalry, much to the dismay ofthe Equites and Encala Faction. The Equites arein a race against time to locate the fallen EncalaElder in hopes of preventing a war, but Emily isdead set on keeping him until hes suffered forthe deaths. The Encala overstep in their mission to regainFrederick, forcing Chevaliers darker sideforward. As Alexis grows, she struggles to fitinto the world of the heku, and strives to find aplace in a world she only partially belongs to.

Emily befriends a strange mortal man, a self-proclaimed Vampire Hunter, and he causestension in the house as heku and hunter have apower-struggle over protecting Emily.

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A trip tothe Valle turns disastrous when Emily andKralen are caught in a battle caused by theEncala, and Kralen finds himself unable toprotect her, and returns to his coven. Emily goesto extreme measures to return her friend andguard, and gives him an offer he cant refuse.

Emily begins to recover from her longcaptivity with Salazar, but a drastic setbackthreatens not only her, but the lives of theEquites Council. Learn more about the relationships betweenthe Old Ones and the original heku, theAncients. The Old Ones learnmore about Emily and threats emerge asEmily discovers hidden Ancient abilitieswithin herself. The final book in the Heku Series brings somepeace within the factions and within thepalace.

Chevalier and Emily have reconciledand come to a silent agreement that willbenefit not only their own family, but theEquites. Things are looking calmer untilsomeone begins attacking women in thenearby mortal city. Fighting over land in Europe, the Equites andEncala find themselves again at odds. TheEncala Council steps into the friendshipbetween Emily and Andrew and cause anotherrift between her and their faction.

Will their initiativecause irreparable damage to an alreadyprecarious relationship with their mother?

Everything youve always wanted to knowabout the Heku Series, and some things youdont : This companion to the Heku Series is full ofinformation about the books. It has maps,trivia, character information, and even amissing story-line from Proditor. Never purchase this book!

Valle (The Heku Series Book 2) Valle (The Heku Series Book 2)
Valle (The Heku Series Book 2) Valle (The Heku Series Book 2)
Valle (The Heku Series Book 2) Valle (The Heku Series Book 2)
Valle (The Heku Series Book 2) Valle (The Heku Series Book 2)
Valle (The Heku Series Book 2) Valle (The Heku Series Book 2)
Valle (The Heku Series Book 2) Valle (The Heku Series Book 2)
Valle (The Heku Series Book 2) Valle (The Heku Series Book 2)

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